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Despite Shortages, PlayStation 5 Outsells PlayStation 4 Last Quarter As The Older Hardware Overtakes 116 Million Sold Units

Posted on August 6, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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More than half a year since the release of the PlayStation 5, the big discussion is how the system is performing. While the Xbox Series X|S are both available in competition to Sony’s console, it is already apparent that it is leading in sales figures. Already, Ampere Analysis reported the PlayStation 5 to already double what Microsoft sold for the two Xbox Series systems.

So, the real inquiry then is how the PlayStation 5 performs within one of the most restraining periods for manufactured technology. So far, the PlayStation 5 is being sold out left and right while silicon is at a scarcity for components to be produced. More specifically, consoles cannot be made fast enough. Even Sony CFO Horoki Totoki flags that demand can’t be maintained until 2022 at the earliest. Even worse is Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told that might even bleed into 2023 perhaps.

Currently, the PlayStation 5 already sold more than 10 million units. Atop of that, the system proved to still performed better than the PlayStation 4 did in its first fiscal year as we. And now with limited shipment being sent, the newest system still outperforms the predecessor according to Sony’s latest financial report.

In that, PlayStation 5 sold more than 2.3 million units in the last quarter which ended on June 31st. But, the PlayStation 4 sales met with selling close to 600,000 systems in that same timeframe. Despite how inaccessible the PlayStation 5 is to purchase, it still stands to be leading the market as it hold the most dollar sales for any console.

Previously, NPD Group reported that the PlayStation 5 is the most successful console in United States history as it overtakes previously held records from the PlayStation 4. Despite both Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch glowing results for June 2021, NPD Group further iterates that the momentum for PlayStation 5 is in no way stopping. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised the PlayStation 5 is outselling the PlayStation 4 in its first year alongside heavy shortages?

Source: Sony

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