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EA Emphasizes Focus On Apex Legends For 2020, Reassures Titanfall 3 Is Not Forgotten

The release of Titanfall 2 in 2016 truly opened the eyes of the gaming market to Respawn Entertainment and the potential the developer holds when it comes to the studio’s upcoming projects. While the game was undermined by Battlefield 1 which released just two weeks prior, the sequel was still well receive alongside the first Xbox One/PC exclusive and leaving fans hungry for a third to eventually drop.

With the introduction of Apex Legends later in February of this year, many expected it to be a direct follow-up to the series’ universe, but only drew influence while staying canon to the overarching world. Although it is set in the Titanfall spectrum the game does, however, lack many primary links that would make the game truly a proper installment. Despite that, Respawn Entertainment realized the potential of Apex and later decided to focus fully on the battle royale to minimize crunch for the developers later in April.

Now almost in November, publisher Electronic Arts re-illustrates Respawn’s focus on the title going into next year. In the latest investor call, EA CFO Blake Jorgenson explains that the company’s priority is for Respawn to continue their investment on Apex Legends and further their focus on the project leading into 2020 when asked about the inevitability of Titanfall 3.

We really want to keep the team hyper-focused on Apex Legends. Can’t give you a sense of if and when. We certainly won’t forget about it [Titanfall 3].

Dissecting the paired financial report that was released the same day as the call with the publisher’s investors, Electronic Arts’ CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that in response to the collected 70 million players who downloaded Apex Legends, EA is still planning to expand the game mobile and other platforms: “we’re focused on expanding to mobile, new platforms and new geographies,” supporting the previous statement from Respawn.

Wilson even goes as far to reveal that a new “competitive gaming program” is on the way for Apex Legends which Electronic Arts shares to shed more information at a later time.

Will you be fine waiting it out for the next installment of Titanfall?


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