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EA Touts Unrested Pursuit For More Teams, Shares Respawn Entertainment Acquisition To Be A “Classic Example”

Looking at the current frontrunners that make up Electronic Arts’ in-house network of studios, development teams such as Respawn Entertainment, DICE, and EA Vancouver are just some off the top of the list that are and still underway with new projects to ship with the EA name on it. However, the firm reveals that the ambition to add more developers to that list has yet to cease.

But instead, the firm is “more interested than ever” in search for new talent to acquire for future properties. Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen discloses the new detail during the firm’s Q1 Webcast call this week.

“It is very rare that we don’t get a chance to look at anything that is up for sale. You can imagine … people call us and say we’re thinking about selling the business or we’re thinking about selling ourselves,” Jorgensen elaborates on the topic. “We are a place that a lot of people want to come as a long-term home if they decide to sell the business. We get to look at almost everything.”

Jorgensen continues by sharing that while he cannot offer specifics on the teams that Electronic Arts is interested in, he does share an example of what the publisher does look for – that being Respawn Entertainment.

I think Respawn is a classic example of that. We were able to bring them into the fold and give them incredible support and it was all driven by the fact that they have incredible talent. It wasn’t about Titanfall–no offense to Titanfall. It’s an amazing game and maybe you’ll see Titanfall some time down the road. But it was really about the team.

Most recently, it was reported that Apex Legends has been and continues to be one of the leading factors for Electronic Arts capital gain this past financial quarter. Especially seeing that the latest season for the battle royale has accumulated the most attention for the project.

Taken from the subject matter, many went to believe that this recent statement alongside the previous reportings of Warner Bros. interested in selling its gaming division that Electronic Arts is aiming for the line of WB teams. However, Jorgensen’s statement does not illustrate to align with EA’s ambitions to do so. “As you’ve seen in the past, where we’ve done the best is where we have long-term relationships with people and we’re really trying to buy great talent versus games.”

With the acquisition of developers like Rocksteady Studios and Monolith Productions, Electronic Arts would only earn the rights to the teams, not the properties – which the publisher has emphasized ambitions to acquire both. But, Jorgensen does disclose that due to the current economic status created by the global pandemic still ongoing, the purchase might not take place for quite some time.

What teams do you think Electronic Arts will ultimately acquire in the coming future?

Source: Electronic Arts

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