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Elon Musk Shares New Initiative To Integrate Steam Libraries To Tesla Vehicles

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Although Tesla is most associated for its clean energy alternatives for modern road vehicles, the car manufacturer of Tesla founder Elon Musk is also tackling video games as well. While not developing new games exactly, the firm has slowly integrated more titles to certain vehicles models which is cool. Originally, owners discovered that Cuphead was playable for a select number of cars before.

But, it was soon after that additional titles such as Stardew Valley & Lost Backgammon would also be welcomed too. It was in 2021 that a larger shift for Tesla incorporating gaming would be acknowledged. At the time it was revealed through a new showcase by Tesla of a new ‘Arcade Mode’ which includes a selection of titles for namely the Model S.

In a thread on Twitter recently, Musk revealed a new project by Tesla which plans to integrate Steam libraries to Tesla firmware so players will carry their games from home to on-the-go when leaving the driveway.

As for an ETA on this project, it is uncertain when this ambition will truly materialize or if a beta update for the feature will come into place. Currently, the closest way to pursue a similar venture to bring your Steam games anyway is the titular Steam Deck. It was earlier in February that users that pre-ordered should be expecting the new handheld in the mail.

Regarding Steam on the go, kinda, Valve announced that Portal is receiving a duology collection for Nintendo Switch. The two-game bundle is said to include Portal & Portal 2 with a release date slated for 2022. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you interested to see how Steam would work for Tesla vehicles?

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