For Another Month, Xbox Games Take 1st Place On PlayStation Stores In US & Europe

Posted on June 19, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Earlier this spring, developer Rare announced its home-grown Xbox title Sea of Thieves would be breaking its exclusivity for PlayStation 5 later in April. Soon after the news broke out, users on the PlayStation Store jumped to pre-ordering the new game for the Sony console. As a result, the game climbed to #1 on the storefront’s pre-order list then.

Following the release for Sea of Thieves the following month, another milestone was met for Sea of Thieves. In that, Rare announced that more than 40 million players have jumped into Sea of Thieves. However, that was not the only thing newsworthy for Sea of Thieves from its release. According to PlayStation Blog, Sea of Thieves became the best-selling PlayStation 5 game in Europe for April 2024.

Now in a new update for PlayStation Store sales results for May 2024, Sea of Thieves continues this momentum. What’s more is that Microsoft in fact capitalizes in both regions. Even more, this is across both PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4 simultaneously. Yes, Xbox is the leading seller on PlayStation Store for the entire month of May 2024. However, this does exempt PlayStation VR as well as free-to-play categories.

On PlayStation 5, Sea of Thieves is ranked #1 for May 2024 in both US as well as Europe markets. Additionally, PlayStation 4 sales crown Minecraft first place in both the United States and Europe too. With new game announcements coming in June, this could sway the demand for Sea of Thieves/Minecraft as other new releases are on the horizon for the latter of 2024.

Recently, Microsoft did comment on its effort for third-party releases. At IGN Live, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer told that more Xbox titles are planned to launch across other platforms outside of its ecosystem. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised by the continued response of Xbox games on the PlayStation Store?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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