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Grand Soirée Arcade Event For Apex Legends Adds Seven Limited-Time Game Modes

While many were expecting what nominated titles would be awarded at this past Game Awards show last month in December, many would not have predicted that Mirage would be crashing the awards ceremony to debut his ‘Mirage Voy’Age’ alongside a holiday bash-dressed event for Apex Legends. Introducing a few more experiences to test the waters on the growing battle royale, it would be soon that another themed event would take its place in the coming future.

And that happens to be the case, but not as sporadic as this upcoming Grand Soirée Arcade Event scheduled to arrive in the coming week. Respawn Entertainment reveals that the Legends of The Outlands will be debuting the second iteration of the ‘roaring twenties’ with a bang in this new event.

Rather than a select capacity of modes, Apex legends will be met with a total of seven modes across the span of two weeks which is the most the game ever has faced in its history for an event. Here is the rundown of each limited-time mode:

  1. Gold Rush Duos (Jan 14-15) – just as in the name, teams of two will face it out in traditional battle royale formula, but will be greeted with only gold weapons on the battlefield.
  2. Live. Die. Live. (Jan 16-17) – return to the battle after every ring closure on your surviving teammates to continue your fight for the remaining squad.
  3. Third-Person Mode (Jan 18-19) – breaking the standard way of playing Apex Legends with the camera hanging over your shoulder to give a new perspective on the action shooter.
  4. Always Be Closing (Jan 20-21) – run for your life as the ring swiftly shrinks and eats your health faster than you could expect.
  5. Armed and Dangerous: World’s Edge (Jan 22-23) – returning once again after being experimented with King’s Canyon, players can only fight for #1 with sniper rifles and shotguns.
  6. King’s Canyon After Dark (Jan 24-25) – players can revisit the night adaptation of King’s Canyon once again since its initial debut during the Halloween timed-event.
  7. Dummies Big Day (Jan 26-28) – given little context aside from the colorful chaos presented in the trailer, untextured character models duke it out in a battle royale madhouse.

Alike previous events, there are also a slew of cosmetic items that will be available in the game’s Event Shop. Items will be rotating from the shop constantly as the seven timed game modes will, so make sure you save and buy what you can before it’s gone for good. Notice, there will also be a Bonus Weekend running from the 17th to 20th where players will be able to participate in exclusive challenges for even greater rewards.

Seeing the statement Respawn Entertainment made last year regarding the continued support for Apex Legends leading into 2020, the studio proves to do just that immensely with this over-the-top extravaganza for the battle royale. Especially seeing that the publisher Electronic Arts is handing the torch to Respawn to direct the main first-person shooter the entirety of 2020, only expect greater things coming from the team as the year continues on.

Are you planning on dropping back into Apex Legends for this new slew of modes?

Apex Legends is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

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