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Koch Media Forms Publishing Deal With Starbreeze For Payday 3, New 2023 Release Window Announced

Posted on March 19, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In 2023, Payday 2 is expected to turn a decade old. But despite the game’s long wait, it was not intended for sure. While developer Overkill Software intended to welcome a plethora of content updates, collaboration content, and other in-game additions, the lifespan of Payday 2 was prolonged thanks due to the issues which occurred internally at the publisher’s offices of Starbreeze.

In that, the firm slowly went under and resorted to restructuring the company in efforts to keep its head under the water. As progress began to show some positive signs, Starbreeze announced that it would rely on the ambitious release of Payday 3 with the game scheduled to arrive in 2022. Understandably, fans sit patiently for more to be unveiled as we inch closer.

And more came to fruition in hopes of the game being delivered as Starbreeze announced to successfully restructure the publisher to stay afloat. Now in a new announcement from Koch Media, the group announced to be co-publishing Payday 3 by revealing concept art and a new launch target for 2023 a year after the promised.

As for what the future holds for Payday 3, it surely appears to be heading in the right direction following the latest update. Koch Media happens to be a subsidiary of THQ Nordic & Embracer Group, so being in affiliation with Starbreeze leaves the company in a good spot for the franchise and other properties down the road.

Notably, Starbreeze managed to pull the unthinkable in bringing itself to this position. Back in 2019, it was expected that the firm would be closing its doors by the year’s end. However, the publisher managed to overcome and restructure efficiently. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Payday 3 arrives sometime in 2023 for PC & consoles.

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