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Letter Of Intent Reportedly Arranged Between Hideo Kojima & Microsoft

In the stretch of announcements that came and went during the previous Xbox-Bethesda E3 Showcase last month, one in particular never made it on to the stage. The project at mention is a reported pursuit from developer Kojima Productions. In May, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb claimed that the Death Stranding team is to work on a new project exclusively for Xbox. But, of course, not details on the claim arose despite hinting at a reveal in June.

However, Grubb in a later report told that the unnamed project is still being negotiated. Instead, he later follows-up by disclosing the game to be part of Microsoft’s new ambition to deliver xCloud-exclusive games to its platform. In that, the Xbox team welcomed former Left 4 Dead & Portal developer Kim Swift to the new initiative.

According to a new report, the arrangement between Hideo Kojima & Microsoft is progressing well. The report now indicated that the two parties arranged a Letter of Intent which signifies the plans to be fulfilled for the unannounced project. Grubb continues by elaborating that the partnership is to establish the ambition, but details on what will deliver from Kojima Productions are still unknown.

In terms of official plans from Kojima Productions currently, Death Stranding is finding a new version being crafted for PlayStation 5. Dubbed ‘Death Stranding: Director’s Cut’, the game is expected to welcome direct enhancements for the 2019-released title next year. A later ESRB listing reinforces the uniqueness to PlayStation 5 and other details.

Additionally, there is still hope for a follow-up to Silent Hills since its disbandment in 2015. While Death Stranding happened to be the game that birthed from the decision, manga artist Junji Ito never worked with Kojima on a game. But, Ito in a previous interview explained that the he and Kojima are talking on possibilities. You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you believe Kojima Productions is working with Microsoft or no?

Source: GamesBeat

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