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MegaPixel Studio Announces Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake Arriving Later In 2021

Posted on March 1, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While many fans reflect on Panzer Dragoon and the franchise that resonates with many Sega Saturn owners, it wasn’t until late 2018 that word broke out issuing a return of the series. Despite more than two decades of radio silence, Forever Entertainment and MegaPixel Studio announced Panzer Dragoon Remake & a reworking for Panzer Dragoon II Zwei will be arriving leading into the coming years.

Already, we witnessed the arrival of Panzer Dragoon Remake: first on Nintendo Switch as a timed-exclusive for the Japanese console followed by its competitors and PC shortly after. However, the developer still remains silent on the whereabouts of the remake for the following sequel. But it is speculated the game is already in development after acknowledging how silent MegaPixel Studio currently poses.

That was until Twitter user @Toxin21 asked where the remake for the second game is alongside Panzer Dragoon Saga. While redirecting the notion to the latter, MegaPixel Studios does issue tell that the remake for Panzer Dragoon II Zwei is scheduled to release later this year.

Reflecting on the previous remake and its activity on consoles, it is suspected that Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake will find its way to a singular console first and later be administered to other platforms shortly after. Timed exclusives while annoying are a normality in the video game industry and are certainly not going anywhere.

Elsewhere in relevance to Panzer Dragoon recently, Wildman Inc announced Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record, a virtual reality experience set in the titular universe, is arriving later on in 2021. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you excited Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake is finally underway?

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