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Microsoft Announced Xbox XO Event

It seems we will be getting a second dosage from Xbox following this year’s E3 conference which shocked a lot of fans with the list of titles revealed like Devil May Cry V, Dying Light 2, and Seikro: Shadows Die Twice. Announced by Xbox Boss Phil Spencer during the most recent Inside Xbox that there will be another event taking place later this year.

Titled X018, the newly announced event will occur this coming November in Mexico City. Taking place on the 10th and 11th of the month, it was confirmed that both third-party and first-party titles will be getting revealed at the upcoming event. During the two-day event, it will be livestreamed exclusively on Mixer and will feature an Inside Xbox stream on that Saturday at 1 PM PST.

As this isn’t the first time Microsoft has hosted an Xo event, it is interesting seeing it return. Many fans already speculating that titles like the upcoming Fable from Playground Games will be present at the event. 2004’s Fable was revealed at a previous Xo event and now it seems the stars might align for the upcoming title might get the same announcement.

Along with other unannounced titles from the recently formed studio The Initiative. With its debut back at June with former Tomb Raider boss Darrell Gallagher as a director for the developer. The Santa Monica studio might blow the shoes off unexpected fans coming this event in November with the industry veterans behind the studio.

As September comes close to an end, speculation on what will be revealed at X018 should be taken lightly as many will blow their guesses out of proportion. On top of the event’s reveal, keyboard and mouse support was confirmed for Xbox One also.

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