Microsoft Confirms $1 Xbox Game Pass Deal Is No More

Posted on March 27, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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One of the growing trends concerning the video game industry is the ongoing new heights of prices for indulging in new products. For the latest console hardware, $500 has become a standard – even for Sony’s PlayStation 5. Additionally, titles as well. Over at Microsoft, its new first-party releases will cost $70 for the newest generation. And even more price climbing could be on the horizon.

So far, Microsoft Gaming CEO stated price increases for console hardware is not coming. However, that proves to not be the case according to a later discovery over in Japan more recently. Moreover, there is even speculation Xbox Game Pass is a future victim. While not directly denouncing an increase in price, Spencer in a separate statement did remark on the topic when sharing that the subscription is somewhat profitable.

But in a new discovery this weekend, it was uncovered that the long-going $1 deal for Xbox Game Pass subscribers is no more. From a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft representative confirms that the arrangement for the 3-month deal is to be sunset.

“We have stopped our previous introductory offer for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass and are evaluating different marketing promotions for new members in the future,” Kari Perez, Xbox head of global communications shared with the outlet. The initial deal welcomed users for console’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass. Now, it will cost $14.99 or $9.99 for the respective platform.

As for other deals concerning Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has been soft launching a new ‘Family & Friends’ tier in multiple regions outside of the U.S. The service recently did welcome new territories alongside PC Game Pass also opening its doors to more users across the globe. Currently, there is detail suggesting the multi-user tier is to hit North America later on in 2023.

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Source: The Verge

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