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Microsoft Reported To Launch ‘Streaming Puck’ For Xbox Cloud Gaming By Next Year

Posted on May 6, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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If you have not heard this week, Microsoft made its first official step in making xCloud – or what the firm is now calling Xbox Cloud Gaming – accessible to everyone with compatible devices. In that, the Xbox division is featuring Epic Games Fortnite on mobile devices via the streaming portal at no cost. This applies to anyone even if you are not subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

In the past, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer stated the firm is eager to introduce the service outside of the subscription business model later down the line. One instance that did fancy the company is a streaming stick. Spencer told Stratechery in an interview that the idea is certainly being considered at the Xbox team.

According to a new report from Jeff Grubb on GamesBeat, that plan is expected to officially be in motion by next year. Although Spencer previous mentioned a streaming stick, the ambition is now implementing a streaming ‘puck’ which Grubb references like from the Roku Express device. However, that is not the only ambition Microsoft plans to implement for xCloud.

From a separate piece done by Xbox Wire, the firm is discussing xCloud native applications with smart television manufacturers. The first sign of this effort is to be with Samsung TVs next year as well, Grubb discloses. Alike the streaming puck for Xbox Cloud Gaming, the Samsung App is aimed for the next 12 months. The ambition was also shared by Google for Stadia and NVIDIA for GeForce Now previously.

With Microsoft planning to tap into more devices than Xbox could reach with traditional consoles, the firm is preparing to establish its own publishing brand for the initiative. Director Kim Swift in a previous presentation explained the benefits of working on games aimed solely for xCloud and being part of an established library tied to Xbox Game Pass. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: GamesBeat

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