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Microsoft Shares To Be Confident In Coming July Showcase For Xbox 20/20

Posted on June 26, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Next month’s forecast for Microsoft’s Xbox 20/20 is continuing to look promising according to individuals involved with the coming showcase. Reported about a week ago, 343 Industries’ Community Director Brian Jarrard shared on Twitter that the studio’s initial ambitions for this year’s E3 press conference were to “own the show,” he puts into his own words. But now, that excitement has to be contained as Microsoft plans to showcase Halo Infinite alongside other anticipated first-party entries made for Xbox Series X this July.

Elsewhere is a separate report later in June, prolific industry insider Shinobi602 on ResetEra also disclosed to have heard some exciting details regarding next month’s event. In that, he shared that whatever Microsoft has ready to present – it will surely “bring the heat in July.” Adding on, he also offered that there is “a lot to show” which is always exciting to hear.

Now in a new report from PureXbox – a platform focused outlet – the site transcribed a discussion Phil Spencer held during this week’s Gamelab Live 2020. In it, he elaborates that next month’s feature will be one that will have people excited for the Xbox platform in the coming months.

“I feel good about July and the gameplay that we are gonna be showing there and the hardware capability,” Spencer talking about the showcase shares.

Teams are working hard to get [our July show] lined up. We’ve taken feedback from our last event, and I think people are really going to be pleased with what we are going to be showing there. Halo Infinite will be a big part of it, and that’s obviously an important title for us.

Especially reiterating on what Halo Infinite will be showing off from what Jarrard tweeted and now Spencer’s statement – July’s Xbox 2020 showcase will be monumental for Halo fans. This week, 343 Industries also shared a teaser clip of The Banished from Halo Wars 2 returning for the next mainline entry. If there is more to expand on their presence in the game, fans will surely have a field day later on when the game launches.

In a new report today, a Microsoft document disclosed that the titling for Project Lockhart will be Xbox Series S. Going off of a previous rumor that was proven to be true, we could expect the console’s reveal to be this month in a separate Xbox 20/20 showcase. You can read the report in full by heading here.

What are you excited to see at next month’s Xbox 20/20 event?

Source: PureXbox

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