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More Stadia-Related News To Be Revealed With Second Stadia Connect Later This Month

Tech giant Google has already showcased quite a bit for the upcoming Stadia streaming platform that is scheduled to release later this November for those who pre-order the Founder’s Pack for the service, but the company still has plenty to share for the new competitor in the gaming market as the second Stadia Connect has been announced to be presented later this month.

For those who might be unfamiliar with what a Stadia Connect is; alike the Nintendo Direct, instead Google livestreams its own presentation to relay upcoming news surrounding the platform regarding adjustments to the platform, new additions to the game library, or more supported products.

Previously at the debut Stadia Connect back in June, Google disclosed the pricing for the approaching streaming subscription, games that will be available, and other specific details revolving around how streaming without a physical hardware unit will work based on your account status. Interesting enough, though Google says the service is free, sign-ups for the platform will not be available until the following months in 2020.

As for what will be shared in the upcoming presentation, guesses is that Google will share more upon the lineup of platform-exclusive titles as there is only one title, Tequila Works Gylt. Another prediction points towards additional games from AAA publishers as Capcom, Electronic Arts, and Rockstar Games are listed to have titles ready for the platform in the coming months.

One thing I feel many would hope for is for more supported mobile devices to be available as Google previously revealed in the service’s FAQ that only the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3A will be supported at launch. Which disregards other brands and even tablets which is already advertised to play games with Stadia.

What do you feel might be shown at the upcoming Stadia Connect?

The second Stadia Connect will be going live on Monday August 19th at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST.


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