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Neil Druckmann Reveals Cancelled Plans Of A Prequel Project For The Last Of Us Which Tied To One Character In The HBO Show

Posted on March 16, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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As many are familiar online, HBO’s The Last of Us show has proven to be a movement not only for modern entertainment, but also in the tense for video game adaptations as well. Since its airing back in January, the television series has already broken records – even on HBO Max being the platform’s second-biggest debut ever. Not to mention also being greenlit for a second season so suddenly as well.

Additionally, Neil Druckmann who directed The Last of Us Part II and co-wrote the HBO TV show went on the verify that the next season will not be the entirety of the sequel. Instead, he and writer Craig Mazin when speaking to GQ confirmed there will be a season three which continues the story from the 2020 title.

However, Druckmann in a separate interview when speaking to Kinda Funny Games now reveals there was other projects planned that would tie into the live-action show. Closing out the discussion, Druckmann explains a previous effort to adapt a prequel title prior to the original 2013 title which featured a character from the finale of the TV show – and to be developed outside of Naughty Dog. You can watch the segment in the video below (57:33):

SPOILERS: Contents of the final episode for The Last of Us is discussed ahead

In that, Druckmann explains the opening to Episode ‘Look for the Light’ featured the birth of Ellie and a glimpse at her mother casted with original Ellie voice actor Ashley Johnson. The story was planned to be a game of its own at one point. “I’m reminded now actually cause I’ve talked about it in an interview now – there was a much more full version of this story that went more back in time that was going to be made into a video game.

“Not by Naughty Dog; a different game studio,” Druckmann adds. “Greg Miller [Kinda Funny Games host] introduced me to that studio and we had talked to them for quite a while about doing this thing and then it just fell apart and it didn’t work out. But there was another reality.” Recently, news on the upcoming Last of Us multiplayer sequel in a job listing nodded to the new game being a cross-generation release. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are your thoughts on this pitched prequel story for The Last of Us?

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