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New Claims Suggest Plans For More Xbox Backwards Compatible Titles To Release This November

When kicking off the newest console generation for Microsoft, Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S, the company promised to deliver on its continued campaign for backwards compatibility with “thousands” of titles said to be readied for launch, Director of Program Management Jason Ronald told then. It was in a later statement from Ronald once more that the team is investigating new avenues for more game to be supported.

While there is hope on new games to be added, Microsoft has shelved the initiative in 2019 in preparation for the new console generation then. But, it was this year that Microsoft went on to reveal that Xbox 360 and Original Xbox titles will be available on xCloud – likely what Ronald was referencing. Now, players sit in anticipation for a new lineup to come to the program.

In a statement from Xbox Era co-founder @Shpeshal_Nick on Twitter, there is a chance more games will hit the service this November. He determines the release window for Xbox’s 20th birthday and shared that the game in question were datamined recently.

Over at TrueAcheivements, the outlet goes on to list which titles in particular are suspected to be included come next month. Those release are: Dead Or Alive 3, Dead Or Alive Ultimate, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers, Gladius, Gunvalkyrie, Advent Rising, and Chicken Little. For the projected games, there is no details on more games from the Xbox 360 era nor information on more additions to xCloud as of writing.

According to a recent discovery from Digital Foundry, it is learned that the backend for Xbox backwards compatibility received a silent update. Upon retesting Remedy Entertainment’s Control, it is discovered that many of the issues with the game was resolved. But, the developer was not involved with that remedy. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you interested in seeing more games coming to Xbox backwards compatibility?

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