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Nintendo Announces Half-Hour Long Smash Ultimate Livestream For This Thursday

Dating back to this past December, many fans following Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were convinced that Nintendo would feature the final addition to the 2018 brawler at the then-coming Game Awards show. Nintendo has proven to do it before in 2017 with Persona 5’s Joker being revealed just minutes before the game even released.

What really fueled the fire was the subliminal tweet that Nintendo left ahead of the annual awards ceremony: insisting that industry fans make sure to watch the event in celebration of the past year. However, it was expected that some sort of announcement would spawn from Nintendo throughout the duration of the show, but what exactly would be revealed when it finally airs.

Now well into January, we are still left uncertain about the current whereabouts is for Nintendo’s next reveal. That was until earlier today as the company revealed that Smash founder Masahiro Sakurai will be hosting an half-hour long livestream to disclose more news on the year-old title.

Deciphering what Sakurai will be showcasing precisely will be left to speculation until properly addressed this Thursday. Users online have already jumped to some interesting theories: through the image of Sakurai illustrated in the post, the hand gesture of him holding three fingers up ticked off some fans to believe the possibility of him to reveal Crash Bandicoot when referencing the box art of the character doing the same gesture. Other go to the lengths to predict that this could also segue the long-awaited debut for Travis Touchdown to finally join the battle.

Regardless of what character will be revealed later this week, what is certain will be a new update version for Smash Ultimate which will include more additions to the game like spirits, modes, and new features.

What are you excited to see this coming Thursday?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now for Nintendo Switch.

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