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Nintendo Switch Has Officially Outsold Previous Hardware In First-Party Software New Report Shares

Posted on February 24, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Entertaining the knowledge for the success of the Nintendo Switch is a given. Compared to other hardware, the handheld continues to deliver shockwaves to the industry after each financial quarter revealing which legacy unit it outsold or close to doing. Despite the technological caveats of this device, it is certainly a comeback compared to Nintendo’s last iteration to hit the market.

Most recently, the firm told that it exceeded sales of 103 million units. This new milestone not only adds another digit to the counter, but it finally topples the record held by Nintendo for the Wii which was previously its most sold console. The number of sold units is now propped up against the PlayStation 4 which is at 116 million systems currently.

Notably, the Nintendo Switch continues to shatters records for Nintendo in other aspects as well. According to Install Base, thanks @DarkDetectiveNL, the Nintendo Switch has sold through more first-party software than any other Nintendo platform before it. This even includes the juggernaut milestone set by Wii Sports for more than a decade.

The legacy that Nintendo Switch continues to leave is certainly surprising when reflecting on other achievements. The handheld remained the most-sold platform for two consecutive years until the record was soiled by the PlayStation 5 this past summer. However, the record remains to be in Nintendo’s possession for the foreseeable future as of writing.

Looking ahead, Nintendo can certainly continue this momentum with new SKUs later on. While the Nintendo Switch OLED Model was not the powerhouse many anticipated the firm to ship, rumors emerged suggesting there are already SDKs in the hand of select developers. But, Nintendo did denounce these claims almost instantly. Take that as you will. You can read the full report by heading here.

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