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Nvidia GeForce Now Launches Fortnite This Week For Its Streaming Platform

Posted on May 20, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Notoriously, Epic Games in one swift decision resulted in Fortnite being pulled from the mobile gaming landscape. In that, the firm decided to discount its virtual ‘V-Buck’ currency to dodge the gouging platform royalties on Android & iOS which ended with the game getting removed from the Google Play Store & App Store. However, the firm is looking to other alternatives to make a comeback.

Earlier this year, it was revealed a closed beta for the game will be going live on Nvidia’s GeForce Now which will stream the game via a browser-based application on Apple’s hardware specifically. Howbeit, Microsoft over a week ago decided to simply launch the game for xCloud. Atop of that, it was revealed an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription would not be necessary to play either.

This week, Nvidia returns to announced Fortnite is now live on GeForce Now for all users. The game can be streamed from the dedicated Google Play app for Android users or via the official Geforce Now website on Apple devices.

GeForce NOW provides millions of gamers the opportunity to stream their favorite PC games — like Fortnite — to nearly any device. Games render on PCs in the cloud with high-performance NVIDIA GPUs and deliver gameplay back to those devices in a fraction of a second. Getting started is easy. Visit the GeForce NOW membership page and choose from one of three levels of performance, including a Free membership option.

RTX 3080 and Priority members get an upgraded experience with higher quality graphics, faster access to servers and more features. After signing up, download native GeForce NOW game streaming apps for PC, Mac, Android or TV, or start streaming right away from Members can link their Epic Games account from the Settings > Connections menu to automatically sign in to Fortnite upon game launch.

“With the addition of touch controls, Fortnite mobile players get GeForce performance they can touch. RTX 3080 members stream improved graphics that render at up to 120 frames per second on select 120Hz Android devices and can play with millions of other Fortnite players around the world,” the post adds.

It continues, “As a thank you to members who helped improve Fortnite mobile touch controls during the closed beta period, participants can redeem a three-day Priority membership to GeForce NOW. Priority members get higher performance, access to premium servers and extended six-hour session lengths, for an upgraded gaming experience.”

Are you planning to hop onto Fortnite via GeForce Now?

Fortnite is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, xCloud, and GeForce Now.

Source: Nvidia

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