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PUBG Developer Reiterates On Trouble For 120 FPS Support On PlayStation 5

Posted on May 16, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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As part of the new era of console gaming hardware where solid state drives are finally the norm that PC already made acquaintance with, faster load times and better overall experience with software is to follow suit. But, working on specific hardware is where difficulties come into play. In that, PlayStation 5 costs more resources to offer 120 frames per second performance.

While certain games do offer the feature, it is only a select few according to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry. In that, the outlet reports roughly a dozen games support a 120 hz refresh rate on PlayStation 5 while about triple the amount is enabled on Xbox Series X. And now with the recent influx of support via FPS Boost, the divide continues to grow.

In the past, Psyonix explained that 120 FPS requires a full-on port for PlayStation 5 in contrast to patching in support on Microsoft’s machine. According to PUBG Communication Coordinator Takarii via Discord, the team is aware of the effort to incorporate 120 hz on PlayStation 5 and currently does not plan to implement it for the platform. @LHF_Toni on Twitter captured the encounter.

“No next gen patch currently planned. The additional graphics options are still being worked on but priority had to be shifted to more important issues related to crashing and memory so its been delayed. No additional details to share, but 120 FPS support isn’t something we’re aiming for.

“PS consoles can’t achieve that without a full next gen update. Not that I can say with absolute confidence, however I did check on its progress earlier today. Its not far off, but priority had to be shifted to more critical issues before we can continue working on it.”

Takarii in reference to the graphical enhancements for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds does press that it is more so entitled for backwards compatibility on newer hardware. “Remember that this is NOT a next gen update, its simply more options for backwards compatability,” he wrote. But, a definitive PlayStation 5 version is currently not in the works.

Despite the lease troubling work that can be utilized towards Xbox Series X as well, there are no plans for Microsoft’s console either. But, the machines did technically receive an update at launch. PUBG Corp launched 60 frames per second upgrades for the machines back in November. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you hopeful 120 FPS support will come to Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5?

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