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Quantic Dreams Are Adding Three Games On PC Through Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has been popular since its release and they’ve had the upper hand when it comes to exclusivity of games. We knew The Outer Worlds would be coming to the store since it leaked early. Yesterday, Quantic Dreams announced they are adding three games on PC through the now popular store and they are some favorites that were enjoyable on PlayStation 4. Here are the three games they are adding:

Heavy Rain

Detroit: Become Human

Beyond Two Souls

There was no other information such as a release date for these titles since all it says on their respective listings is “Coming Soon”. Sony no longer has affiliation with Quantic Dreams so this is why these three titles are coming to the PC platform as Sony might have fought to keep them only on PlayStation 4. It’s hard to say if any of those three games would come to any other platform, but time will tell.

PlayStation 4 should be getting EA Access soon due to an early listing on the Brazilian PlayStation Store. Yesterday, Cuphead was announced for the Nintendo Switch with Xbox Live support.


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