Rainbow Six Siege New Season Introduces ‘R6 Membership’ Service

Posted on May 29, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Discussion of service-based content has been more normalized for the gaming industry for these past few years. But with subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online – those all are platform-specific subscriptions. However, there has been a major push from AAA companies & publishers to feature this business model in individual games now.

Especially with the drive for live-service, free-to-play experiences, it is a synonym when any of these buzzwords are thrown into a sentence. Already, players have experienced this with GTA+, Fallout 1st, Fortnite Crew, and even Minecraft Marketplace Pass which went live just earlier in the spring. And another is now planned from Ubisoft for its biggest ongoing title.

As part of the introduction for Year 9 Season 2, Rainbow Six Siege is to feature its own monthly subscription as well. The R6 Membership will come in monthly or annual purchase options to grant users new items, battle pass levels, and exclusive cosmetics. You can watch the segment of the panel in the video below:

“Unlock the ultimate Rainbow Six Siege experience with the R6 Membership! This offer delivers an exclusive drop of content every month, including a time-limited Legendary item (sometimes animated for extra flair), an Epic operator bundle, full access to the premium Battle Pass, 10x Battle levels, and a Bravo pack totaling over 4500 credits of value monthly,” Ubisoft reveals.

“For a nominal monthly cost or save more with the 12-month plan, you’ll unlock a continuous stream of premium content that keeps your Ops equipped with the best exclusive gear. Join the R6 Membership starting June 11th and elevate your Siege experience. […] Enroll between June 11th and June 18th to take advantage of the one-time early adopter bonus! Receive an additional Ash epic bundle and 600 credits as a special thank you for joining early.”

Are you surprised another subscription is coming to gaming?

Source: Ubisoft

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