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Rating For Doom 64 Emerges For PC And PlayStation 4

This year’s QukeCon is already upon us this weekend and Bethesda took advantage of the event with dropping the original trilogy of the Doom series for modern consoles and the mobile platform, however, that might not be the end of what the publisher has planned for previous titles. According to a recent discovery on the PEGI ratings system, Doom 64 is rated for PlayStation 4 and PC.

For those who are unaware, the PEGI Ratings is unique to Europe for rating video games as like the ESRB is for the United States. According to the rating from Gematsu via on Twitter, the 1997 title is given a 16 rating which is equivalent to T for Teen.

The Nintendo 64 game as like the recently ported retro titles were also listed for PlayStation 4 and PC prior to their reveal, so it is expected that we will also see a port for Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch when the game gets a proper reveal.

Interesting enough, this looks to be a trend regarding fan-favorite titles from the same era as this is now the second title to be breaking its exclusive bond to their respected platform and being ported to modern hardware. Previously, Square Enix did the same for Final Fantasy VII which was only available for the original PlayStation until this year.

Doom 64 is currently available for the Nintendo 64.

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