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Recent Job Listing Reveals Netflix’s Ambition To Develop AAA PC Games

Posted on December 1, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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For Netflix, exploring new territory as a transmedia company is one of the few approaches the firm has left after leading the streaming platform market for roughly a decade already. With that, the company shared its efforts to launch a video game tab at no additional cost for subscribers. It was in November 2021 the app introduced ‘Netflix Games’, at least on Android at the time.

Following the release, Netflix did not holster itself on the ambition. It went on to announce new talent is joining the initiative with developers such as Night School Studios (Oxenfree, After Party) to be part of this new endeavor. Most recently, Netflix announced a new partnership with Ubisoft to ship a unique Assassin’s Creed title and Valiant Hearts 2 which will be exclusive to the platform as well.

This past week, a new tip surfaced over on the Netflix Games hiring pages revealing more endeavors being carried on from the entertainment conglomerate. In that, these job postings reveal a new, unannounced project for a new AAA PC title. According to one listing for a Game Director, it reads: ”Develop the world/characters/narrative that are worthy of a Netflix film/TV series.”

So gathered from the bullet point, Netflix is not only establishing its own unique IP, but is utilizing pre-existing projects from its vault of television show & movies to fuel the foundation for the creative direction as well. Of course, this can stretch far with series like Stranger Things, Altered Carbon, and Squid Game being just a few of the dozens of examples to pursue.

Additionally, this also notes Netflix efforts to tackle larger-scale projects as well for its Netflix Games division. As noted before, the feature was only available for Android at launch – a la mobile only. So for Netflix to now entertain making PC titles as well in the near future does mean more exciting things are to come in the next few years.

What do you believe is to come to Netflix from this discovery?

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