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Release Of Devil May Cry 5 Rejuvenates The Franchise, Capcom Says

Capcom on a roll after reaching their first year anniversary of Monster Hunter World releasing back in January with Resident Evil 2 dropping the same month, and following into March with Devil May Cry 5 which many have been anticipating since the game’s reveal back in June 2018. Now Capcom in their latest financial report have revealed that both titles have “exceeded expectations” leading up to the end of March.

Resident Evil shipping more than 4 million units alongside Devil May Cry with 2 million units. Capcom emphasizes on the hack and slash by sharing that DMC 5 unit sales is “successfully reinvigorating” the brand seeing how well it performed in its first month alone.

Unsure exactly how sales is received over purchased sales of the title, Capcom is nonetheless exhilarated from how Devil May Cry has performed. Implying that the future continues to look bright for the series and that more from the franchise is expected to be on the way in the coming future.

Already aware of the Netflix series from Castlevania Producer Adi Shankar currently being in the works, other projects related to the 18 year-old series are anticipated to be on the way. Seeing that Hideaki Itsuno has already set his vision on the next project for Capcom, it’s unsure what is planned for Devil May Cry for the next installment. Seeing from Itsuno’s statement regarding his preference for DMC over Dragon’s Dogma, it’s likely the follow-up for the 2012 title is his next main focus for Capcom.

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Devil May Cry 5 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Capcom


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