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Remedy Entertainment To Initiate Production On Epic Games Project Soon, Financial Report Reveals

Posted on May 24, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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This August will mark two years since the initial release of Control. And while developer Remedy Entertainment has worked on the game being optimized for Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5 back in February, there are other plans in the pipeline already. While it is not determined the game as of yet, the project is being propped up to be a large entity nonetheless.

For that, it was reported in March 2020 that Epic Games will be publishing a new game for Remedy Entertainment. But, that is all for the official information on the project. But, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb states to be familiar on the project. In that, he states Remedy Entertainment is planning to resurrect Alan Wake for a new sequel with Epic Games funding the development.

In a new statement collected from Remedy Entertainment’s recent financial report, it is shared that the developer is planning to commence production on the Epic Games title fairly soon.

The Crossfire team is finalizing the single-player operations for Smilegate’s CrossfireX and Crossfire HD. With both of these games launching in 2021, this is a significant year for Crossfire. Remedy’s AAA game project with Epic Games is soon moving into full production, and the second, smaller-scale game continues in full production mode.

With Vanguard, our free-to-play co-op game project, we have now defined many of the core elements of the game. Development progresses at a good pace, internal playtesting continues, and we are starting the next phase of closed external gameplay testing.

Tero Virtala, Remedy Entertainment CEO

As gathered from the statement, it is also apparent that its other project codenamed ‘Vanguard’ is also progressing well. While little details are still vacant from the production currently, the free-to-play experience appears to be progressing well with a limited playtest to be initiated in the coming months.

Additionally, the CrossfireX single player story campaign is near completion. For those unfamiliar, the game was originally projected to launch in fall 2020, but was abruptly delayed into the 2021 abyss. But, with good progress being made, it is anticipated a new release date is to be revealed very shortly. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Remedy Entertainment

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