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Report: Open-World Star Wars Game Gets Cancelled

Posted on January 16, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Back when news was breaking that BioWare’s Anthem will be pushing the sci-fi title’s release date into 2019, discussion for what will be taking the game’s place emerged from the event. Resulting with an unannounced Battlefield title which later became Battlefield V, the conversation of games following also appeared in the discussion. Which revealed that both Respawn Entertainment and Visceral Games’ Star Wars titles will debut in 2019/2020.

Now fast forwarding to today, according to Kotaku, three sources within the game’s development confirm that the unannounced open-world title from now closed down Visceral has been officially cancelled.

Back when EA closed down Visceral Games in October 2017, the torch was handed down to EA Motive which was already involved with the game’s development. Since then the unnamed title was rebooted with a new perspective fully from the Montreal-based studio while honing some of the original concepts and converting the linear game into an open-world title.

But much of the game was not revealed on what changes were made nor much of the original title either. Back when Visceral was at the helm of the game’s development, the project titled ‘Ragtag’ was shown off with a slight tease seen from the few glimpses that currently float on the internet. But for plot, cast of characters, or gameplay was never expanded on for the unrevealed title.

Leading into June 2018 the project was officially shelfed following the departure of Uncharted director Amy Hennig left Motive shortly after the studio merged with EA Vancouver. Later the same year EA Motive Head Jade Raymond left the studio and was soon after replaced with Samantha Ryan.

The videogame outlet states that despite the cancellation of the prolonged Star Wars title, EA Vancouver still has another title based in the franchise’s universe which has yet to be detailed as of writing this.

Currently the only announced title from George Lucas’ films is the brushed upon Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order from Titanfall’s Respawn Entertainment which is said to release later this year.

Source: Kotaku

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