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Rocksteady Announces Their Absence For The Game Awards

This year for The Game Awards as we quickly reach its Thursday broadcast, many anticipate what awards some of the most highly recognized titles for 2018 will receive. Along with some world premiere announcements of upcoming titles that were are already aware about ie. Obsidian Entertainment’s unannounced game. Alongside the official reveals of these developers to be present at the upcoming awards show, some rumors have emerged also.

One being Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios: since 2015 fans have been eager to see what’s next from the UK-based studio since concluding on the Arkham trilogy. Several rumors have appeared since Arkham Knight released that gave many fans false hope for a new title that was in development. One being an alleged Superman title that was in the works. Back at this year’s E3, it was rumored that the Superman title would be revealed at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference. But as a result, the British studio was absent for the event in Los Angeles leaving many fans disappointed.

Following E3, Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill made a statement regarding the developer’s absence and that the unannounced title will be revealed “as soon as it’s ready“. And with the talks of a Superman game in development by the studio, it was quickly denied in response to the rumors of the unannounced title.

Now recently the same rumor has reappeared for The Game Awards for the still unannounced Superman title from Rocksteady Studios. Again, Game Director Hill made a statement acknowledging the rumor on Twitter.

Quickly debunking the chances that their upcoming title will be starring DC’s Superman. “Spoiler: it’s not Superman”, which is a confident enough response for any hopes of a title starring The Man of Steel. Despite the potential Rocksteady holds to tackle the rumored title, it’s understandable to see why they decided not to do it as Superman titles are notorious for being mediocre when looking at previous titles.

Amid other Game Awards-related rumors, the talks of a possible Aliens title was discussed earlier last week to be announced for the approaching event.

The Game Awards will be going live this Thursday on their official Twitch page at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST.

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