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Rumor: More Details Elaborating On Setting, Characters, Plot For Alleged Resident Evil 8 Emerge

Posted on April 7, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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As of the past few months so far in 2020, we have potentially unearthed a good chunk of information regarding the potential next mainline installment for the Resident Evil franchise. The first report of the supposed eighth entry for the series surfaced through emails provided by Biohazardcast, a Resident Evil-focused outlet. The details shared disclosed aspects such as the setting, enemies, and the return of first-person gameplay once again.

Fortunately for these claims, there happened to be a similar story which was told by known leaker @AestheticGamer1 on Twitter who shared to “expect a lot of people will be pissed off,” assuming the reference is made towards first-person peripheral making a comeback for the follow-up as well. Even more, they also told that the game is aimed to be a cross-gen release for sometime in 2021.

Now a new set of claims coming from Biohazardcast has surfaced online elaborating more on the details shared from the beginning of the year. The outlet reveals that the setting actually plays a larger role for the game as it makes its place into the titling for the game, Resident Evil: Village.

It seems likely that 8 will have a subtitle, this time Village. At the least, this is the working title. Given the formatting for 7, it’ll likely be this way so as to highlight the VIII for a Roman numeral 8.

The website shared in the original leak that the game is to offer a “clever title” parallel to how we saw with Resident Evil 7, and that looks to be true according to the new rumor from their anonymous emailer. The title for Village will hold the Roman numeral ‘VIII’ in the titling to read as ‘VILLage’ which they interpreted into an image which you can view in the header at the top of the article.

Corresponding to the separate claim of the initial rumor regarding the woman-like creature terrorizing the player, Biohazardcast tells that this “Witch” to hold a likeness of Marguerite from Resident Evil 7. Supporting the claim of her dissipating elements, she acts as so when defeated and insects give the transparent effect as her body disappears. The leaker shares there is a demo of the game with the antagonizing monstrosity present as you can hear her chuckle at you terror.

The rumor goes on to suggest that a reworked Chris Redfield will be a reoccurring character that visits the player during segments of the game, primarily through flashbacks sequences. Other characters like Mia and protagonist Ethan are also involved with said flashback: a baby is mentioned to also be present, but no details as to where the infant correlates with the story.

The outlet goes onto speculate that Ethan being a retuning playable character will introduce a more “Ash Williams” role in the follow-up. Suggesting that Capcom would make the character develop a joking overtone to spew wise cracks and other vocal displays for scenarios while progressing through the story.

The leaker disclosed that Capcom is testing two inventory systems as of late: one from Resident Evil 7 and the other derived from Resident Evil 4. On the discussion of older Resident Evil properties, the game is told to give a “Resident Evil 3.5” vibe regarding the entire atmospheric feel of the game that Capcom is striving for. Ending the report, the game is told to have a Q1 2021 slated release due to the global pandemic.

Elsewhere, Capcom has shared intentions of potentially releasing the next sequel for the Resident Evil series for next-generation hardware. In a recent survey made by the company, one question asks if the player would be interested in buying a Resident Evil sequel, where one of the responding answers reads “I will purchase the game even if I had to buy a new console.” This looks to run parallel with the claim for the game to be a cross-gen release.

What are your thoughts on these alleged details for Resident Evil 8?

Source: Biohazardcast

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