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Sonic Adventure Remake Rumors Resurface With Audio For The Game Leaked

While fans reflect on what titles truly resonate with them as the definitive installment for a series, there are few that have multiple titles that can be used to do the job. Sonic the Hedgehog for instance holds franchises under its belt with several genres and different phases it went through that many would identify to perfectly describe the entirety of the IP.

Most notably, fans would rank the Sonic Adventure series to be just that. Although there are plenty of other memorable and well-received projects aside from this subgenre for Sega’s blue blur, Adventure has merit. With only two installments in the series atop of touched up iterations for newer hardware, it’s surprising we never witnessed more for this specific line of games.

However, there is the off chance that the series could witness a revival with a completely new look as said by Team Sonic head Takashi Iizuka back in 2018. The studio lead has showed to be very transparent with his interest in returning to the Adventure series later on when speaking with British publication Retro Gamer.

Now according to a new report from TSSZ, the first piece of tangible information on the unannounced remake could have possibly been leaked. The Sonic-focused news outlet shares to have received a few audio tracks for what is said to be for the unofficial Sonic Adventure remake. Speaking to the anonymous individual who provided the audio claims to have recorded Ezio Sakamoto playing the Sonic Adventure theme while new renders of the characters played on a separate screen.

This is a live rehearsal recording with Mr. Ezio Sakamoto in Tokyo for a concert about a big Sonic Adventure event late this year I created using a recorder. I managed to record, but I don’t know the details. [….] The idea was to recreate a live Sonic Adventure “Open Your Heart” demo live for old feel at the event. There was a new rendering of Sonic and his friends in the studio. Maybe Sonic Adventure port.

While TSSZ does clarify their uncertainty of the audio after listening themselves, they share to have sent the recordings to a professional audio technician who does rank these findings to be legitimate. However, they also clarify that these recordings could simply be foreshadowing a new musical event that has yet to be announced.

While the likeliness does not look to point in a precise direction as of reporting, the new discovery does look to somewhat link parallel to a previous report regarding the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It was shared earlier this month that Sega is looking to possibly drop news regarding a new Sonic title sometime later in 2020. While it is unknown what this unnamed project will be, the tease does emphasize redeeming the series following the unfortunate previous entries as foretold through subliminal messages translated from Latin.

Reflecting on Iizuka’s statement from 2018, he acknowledges the significance of the 20th anniversary for Sonic Adventure which does further validate the possibility of there actually being a remake in development. Especially being aware of the fan’s outcry for the series’ return, I’m convinced that this could be on the way.

Do you think there is a Sonic Adventure remake in development?

Source: TSSZ News

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