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Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Expresses Desire To Bring PlayStation Games To Millions More Outside Of Console In Recent Interview

How the PlayStation 5 is and continues to perform in the market, Sony Interactive Entertainment is still ambitious to push the success of its console and the platform beyond that. Recently, NPD Group reports that the PlayStation 5 broke the previously held record by Nintendo Switch for best selling hardware after 33 consecutive weeks. However, the firm is searching for other avenues to pursue.

Namely, cloud is a pursuit that the PlayStation company is aiming to strive for next. With millions reported already using xCloud on the Xbox side of gaming, PlayStation is reported to be working on its own cloud-based infrastructure for the platform. Additionally, PC is another path PlayStation is pursuing. This week, God of War was announced to be shipping for Steam in January early next year.

Speaking to earlier in October, Sony Interactive Entertainment President & CEO Jim Ryan expresses interest in delivering first-party IPs to millions of users outside of PlayStation hardware. He discloses his desire to further see ambiguity for video games similar to how clothing, television, and film already are. You can watch the segment of the video below:

“I’d like to see a world where the games that we make at PlayStation can be enjoyed by many, many tens of millions of people, perhaps hundreds of millions of people,” Ryan tells during the Fireside Chat hosted by

As for the continued campaign to deliver unique experience only on PlayStation, a recent report indicated that roughly $200 million is targeted for the venture from Sony Interactive Entertainment. However, details on where these games will land is left for fans to await as news outside of PlayStation 5 is still undertow for the time being.

What are you hoping to see evolve from PlayStation later on to reach broader audiences?

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