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Square Enix & PlatinumGames Collaborative Project Babylon’s Fall Shown During Latest State Of Play

Today’s State of Play live presentation really brought some eye openers with titles like Resident Evil 3 Remake scheduled to release this coming April alongside the closing reveal of more information regarding Sucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushima coming later this Thursday during this year’s Game Awards show. However, one surprise reveal was from both PlatinumGames and Square Enix.

It was no news since last E3 that both Japanese development teams will be working together in creating a new and unique experience to reveal sometime in the future, and that ended up being Babylon’s Falls. To properly take in this announcement, watch the new teaser trailer below:

While context regarding this new project was not disclosed for the most part, you can definitely tell there is DNA from both studios in the game. Transparent characteristics like the combat system in the game is referring to PlatinumGames while the scale and atmosphere of the game’s setting is the work from Square Enix.

However, that is where the trail looks to dry up as not further detail regarding the title was shared aside from the brief trailer. Even attempting to dissect any information for the project leads to a dead end as no details are shared on the game’s website nor the Twitter account as it has been deactivated as of reporting this new reveal.

Just this week, it was revealed that PlatinumGames will be rereleasing both Bayonetta and Vanquish with a full remaster for modern hardware in celebration of the two’s ten-year anniversary. Both project’s are shared to run at 4K resolution with 60 frames-per-second performance.

What do you think about this new Babylon’s Fall trailer?

Babylon’s Fall is listed for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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