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Telltale Batman: Shadows Edition Leaked Ahead Of Its Release

The closure of Telltale Games in last October truly upset the industry after having to say goodbye to the studio after making games for more than a decade. With titles like the flagship Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us not going to see any further installments was a pill that many would have trouble swallowing.

But through an act of god, some would say, Telltale Games was resurrected as LCG Entertainment announced to be the new foundation to keep the previously closed studio out of the water. Reveling that this new initiative would continue to bring more projects from beloved series upon new games to be birthed as well.

In a break of information that leaked ahead of its release, Telltale Games alongside Athlon Games are working to reintroduce the Telltale Batman series with a new iteration bundle, the Telltale Batman: Shadows Edition. Well-known industry leaker @New_WabiSabi on Twitter shared this new version which will include the first two title in one game.

Even more so, it was later discovered that a press release for this new game was posted previously as well, but was quickly retracted by the developer. You can view the now-deleted press release in the image below:

Comprised from the press release, it reveals that the Shadows Edition will give a visual upgrade alongside features a noir-styled filter that you can activate when playing the game. This looks to be the similar treatment that Skybound Games gave to The Walking Dead earlier this year. Additionally, players can pick up the game for $29.99 or for $4.99 if users own the original versions released by Telltale Games.

This week Telltale Games revealed that the Wolf Among Us 2 will be returning as development has started again for the previously canned project during the Game Awards this week. Which is exciting to see now that the team is financially stable as the previous title would only be three episodes and not reflect on the first installment.

Telltale Batman: Shadows Edition is listed for Steam and Epic Games Store on PC.

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