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TwitchCon Returns In 2022, Twitch Announces

Posted on September 27, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In recent news regarding Twitch and the greater Amazon, the online retail conglomerate continues its efforts into the video game sphere with its own cloud streaming service, Luna. Announced back in 2020, the previously codenames Project Tempo’s leadership was short lived with head Marc Whitten stepping down from his position for a new role at Unity.

Despite that, Luna proves to shift change for the video game cloud streaming market as it offers features that Google’s Stadia has yet to aim for. In that, the firm previously announced that it is implementing a 720p mode to reduce data consumption for its users. Over on Twitch, the firm most recently to avoid controversy with its notorious ‘Pog’ emote decided to scrap it altogether and implement an ever changing emote featuring other recognized users from the platform.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting in-person events, Twitch is confident to return to normalcy by next year. In that, the Amazon subsidiary announced its plans to re-host TwitchCon once again in 2022 the following year according to a new press release.

We intend for TwitchCon to return with TwitchCon Amsterdam in July 2022, followed by TwitchCon San Diego in October 2022. Of course, these are still uncertain times and our plans will remain flexible as needed. Our top priority while planning TwitchCon is safety, and we will closely follow local health guidelines and recommendations.

“Twitch launched in 2011, and in the 10 years since it has brought together millions of people to celebrate what they love — both online and in person,” the company writes. “We’ve continued to prioritize the safety and well being of our community and staff, but believe us: we’re as eager as you to experience the magic of TwitchCon again.”

Additionally, Twitch also elaborates on the new users that joined its affiliated programs the past year: more than 548,000 users are now affiliated streamers with the addition of 8,000 users welcomed to the partnered program now marking more than 50,000 partnered accounts on Twitch currently.

While many question the future of Amazon’s involvement in gaming, the new CEO appears to prioritize the market the firm already invested in. Previously, he acknowledged to be more in favor of further commitment from Amazon for the industry. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you thinking about going to TwitchCon next year?

TwitchCon is to be held in Amsterdam on July 2022, and San Diego in October 2022.

Source: Twitch

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