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Wasteland 3 Gets New Release Date Slated For Late August

Posted on March 31, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Dating back November of last year, developer InXile Entertainment announced that the third entry in the long-awaited Wasteland series would officially be arriving that following May in 2020. However, with April just a day away, the studio has emerged from development to announce that the team will require more time for the game’s development.

On Twitter, a letterhead was posted on the game’s official account revealing that the initially scheduled May launch for Wasteland 3 will now be pushed further into the year with a now settled release in late August instead.

This sudden date change comes as a result from the hindered development process due to the coronavirus enabling developers to work from home. “We moved to a work-from-home environment some weeks ago, and that’s of course introduced new challenges that many of us throughout the world have been learning to manage.

“We’ve been excited to see the Wasteland 3 Beta so well received, but the reality is that with these new logistical challenges our release was going to be impacted.” This issue has evidently overwhelmed the production of the game and of course will be needing more time for InXile Entertainment to continue development towards a properly finished title. It is expected that Wasteland 3 is one of the project that the team is juggling atop of the reported next gen project from earlier on.

In the meantime, fans anticipating for the next installment will have to be patient for a couple extra months. But that leaves plenty of time for you to return to the recent remaster of the original titular title. Get up to date on the details of Wasteland Remastered by heading here.

Are you fine waiting out a few extra months for Wasteland 3?

Wasteland 3 is slated to arrive to Xbox One and PC on August 28, 2020.

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