While Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions Continue To Grow, Microsoft’s Expectations Are Even Higher New Report Shares

Posted on October 27, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Although Microsoft is evidently in the process of collecting itself following the Xbox One generation as it only sold half the number of hardware that the PlayStation 4 did, the platform as a whole did excel in one aspect: services. In that, Xbox Game Pass was born late into the lifecycle of the hardware then and the monthly video game subscription is carrying over to the new Xbox Series machines.

From reports then, we soon learned that Xbox Game Pass users were more than 90 percent more likely to play a game over those not subscribed that they never thought to. More recently in a report elsewhere it was discovered that Xbox Game Pass also improved purchases on the platform with roughly 50 percent of users are more prone to purchase games compared to those not subscribed as well.

Despite the success that dawns over the service with more than 23 million users recorded, the number continues to grow, but, Microsoft’s high margins has still yet to be met. In a new report from Axios Gaming, it is said that the Xbox company’s expectations are still towering over the current numbers coming from Xbox Game Pass.

More intriguing is that among other service provided by Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass was revealed to be added to the pay incentive metric for the company back in 2019 and remains the only measurement from the video game division. While said to be intended for the Microsoft CEO by Stephen Totilo on Twitter, it is questionable the concern of missing the company’s expectations when also previously celebrating the fruits of xCloud – a separate perk tied to the service.

As the cloud streaming platform continues to be paired with Xbox Game Pass, we might witness a continued rise in subscriptions when other collaborations begin to settle in. Previously, Microsoft told that it is working with television manufacturers to incorporate a dedicated xCloud application for several models. You can read the full report by heading here.

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