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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty DLC ‘Conqueror of Jiangdong’ Arrives Next Week

Posted on September 21, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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What came as a surprise on behalf of Xbox is a new collaboration with Team Ninja. Securing the
announcement for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, it was confirmed that the new title is to ship day
one on Xbox Game Pass the following March. Our review for the game reads: “Wo Long takes
Team Ninja’s white-knuckle action to the Three Kingdoms era with stunning results.” And that
was only the beginning for the new title.

Back in June this year, Team Ninja rolled out DLC ‘Battle of Zhongyuan’, the first add-on
expansion for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Additionally, the game would be partnering with
another Xbox Game Pass title too, Lies of P. Neowiz & Koei Tecmo confirmed the new
collaboration is set to release this fall.

Now in a new update for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, DLC 2 ‘Conqueror of Jiangdong’ is set to
release next week with a new trailer. You can watch the gameplay footage in the video below:

“Take on the demon-plagued Three Kingdoms and overcome the odds of deadly combat!” the
description for the YouTube video reads. Alongside a new longsword class, divine beast, and
generals Gan Ning & Taishi Ci, more endgame content is coming. “Players choose a route for the
battlefield they wish to challenge and head out on a long journey. There are also rewards that
can only be obtained in the ‘The Thousand-Mile Journey’.”

Elsewhere, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has also partnered with another title previously as well.
Earlier this summer, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty & Naraka, Bladepoint collaborated to deliver new
content to the main game. You can read the full report by heading here.

What excited you most about DLC 2 for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Conqueror of Jiangdong launches September 27, 2023 for Xbox One,
Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Source: Koei Tecmo

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