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Xbox Cloud Gaming Reaches More Samsung Displays & Adds Rumble Support In New Update

Posted on November 16, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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While Project xCloud was certainly ambitious, it was never understood how soon the platform would overtake many conventional appliances. This is partly thanks to Microsoft’s acquaintanceship with Samsung. This actually stems back to 2020 with an official partnership with the tech giant. Soon after, we witnessed the inclusion of Xbox Game Pass via Samsung All Access as an app on the service.

It wasn’t until Microsoft & Samsung announced coming 2022 Samsung displays will be the first to incorporate an official Xbox Cloud Gaming TV app. Of course, this does answer questions when the Xbox firm previously said to be having discussions with manufacturers before. Samsung also extended its reach to Google and Nvidia for Stadia & GeForce Now respectively.

xCloud even managed to find its own place on Samsung smart fridges according to a discovery from one user online. Now this week, Samsung 2021 models are receiving additional support to get the same TV app as its 2022 siblings.

Rolling out through the rest of this year, select 2021 Samsung Smart TV owners will be able to search for and download the Xbox App right from their TV. This means existing Samsung customers will have instant access to Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, letting players stream hundreds of high-quality Xbox games, including new releases like Grounded and Pentiment, directly on their Smart TVs.

Ashley McKissick, Xbox Gaming Experiences & Platforms Corporate Vice President

“Simply launch the app, connect your favorite Bluetooth-enabled controller, and start playing. If you are new to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can join or upgrade for just $1 directly in the app,” the post adds. Additionally, Microsoft goes on to mention that Xbox Cloud Gaming for television is also receiving an update which enables for controller rumbling.

“From chatting teammates to the trembling of a controller in your hand, there are lots of dimensions to gaming beyond what’s on the screen. Owners of 2021 and 2022 Samsung Smart TVs will get to feel a more immersive cloud gaming experience with rumble on controllers. Pick up your favorite Bluetooth-enabled controller, such as the Xbox Wireless Controller and PlayStation DualSense, and start playing.”

Entertaining benefits for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, Microsoft still has a promise to meet from the same time announcing its support for Samsung displays. In that, subscribers are said to find Xbox Cloud Gaming support not only for the Xbox Game Pass library, but their entire purchase library by 2022’s end. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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