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Xbox Game Pass Codenamed ‘Arches’ Was Originally Considered To Be A Video Game Rental Service, New Interview Shares

Considered all things for Xbox exiting the last console generation, hopes were high despite the reputation that Microsoft obtained throughout the duration of the Xbox One lifecycle. Although the system welcomed 50 million units to Xbox owners, it severely underperformed compared to the Xbox 360 and its competitor PlayStation 4. But, the most glowing attribute for the platform happened to be Xbox Game Pass when moving to the Xbox Series machines.

Now more than a year later, the service finds new milestones to overtake thanks to the release of Forza Horizon 5. At launch, the game already welcomed 4.5 million users within the first 24 hours: 1 million players already dived into the new project via the Premium Edition that was not included with the service. Playground Games went on to share that 10 million players logged into Forza Horizon 5 in its first week which is a new high for Xbox and the service.

But in retrospect of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft had different plans for the service initially. Speaking to GQ, Microsoft Vice President for Game Creator Experience and Ecosystem Sarah Bond told that Codenamed Arches originally planned to be a video game rental service before taking on the model we’re familiar with now.

Bond goes on to explain that revenue now stretches well beyond the two year mark thanks to the service. “Something like 75 percent of a game’s revenue used to be made in the first two months of release. Nowadays it’s spread over two years.” More noted is the amount of opposition Spencer faced when initially pitching the business model.

“They were like, ‘no way, [Game Pass] is going to devalue games.” Rare lead Craig Duncan even questioned Spencer on the endeavor. “If every single person plays Sea Of Thieves on Game Pass, and we don’t sell a single copy. Are you kind of cool with that?’” Where Spencer responded energetically with “absolutely,” at the time of the discussion.

Currently, Sea of Thieves has welcomed more than 25 million users since its inception. Bond explains the project to be “100 per cent a success” with Duncan phrases the success to be growing “even today” three years later. But for Xbox Game Pass, lead Matt Booty previously told that plans are not required to be a live service. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised with the turnout for Xbox Game Pass?

Source: GQ

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