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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Announced For Nintendo Switch, Arrives This September

Posted on February 10, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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For the Xenoblade series, many fans continue to look for more hope in a new game coming to Nintendo Switch. Already, players experienced Xenoblade Chronicles 2 alongside Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition soon after. However, there is some hesitation to other releases coming to this specific platform. 

In one report from USGamer, Monolith Soft studio head Tetsuya Takahashi then told that the firm is not optimistic in delivering the game to Nintendo Switch. Takahashi told the project would be a “difficult” obstacle to overcome. But in one sliver of hope, FanByte went on to report later on that a third Xenoblade Chronicles could be in development according to a slip from one of the voice actors for the game.

At the Nintendo Direct this Wednesday, Nintendo officially unveiled Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with a reveal trailer which you can watch in the video below:

From the announcement post for the new game, Takahashi goes on to elaborate on the next step for the Xenoblade Chronicles series. “As the name indicates, it’s the third installment in the Xenoblade Chronicles series. We are currently making final adjustments to ensure we create the best game possible based on everything we’ve learned from the past entries in the series.

“The key visual features a broken great sword of Mechonis and the body of the Urayan Titan with a gaping wound. I imagine everyone who saw the trailer was quite surprised by the final scene. What is this visual hinting at? I can’t reveal that just yet. What I can tell you is that this visual was conceived quite some time ago. More precisely speaking, we came up with it sometime between the end of development of Xenoblade Chronicles and the beginning of development of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

“So, it’s not something we recently added to the series. We believe the game will be enjoyable for both those who’ve played Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as well as those who will be playing a Xenoblade Chronicles game for the first time.” What are you most excited about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 finally being announced?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming out in September 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo

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