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id Software Developer Reveals Assisting Development For Arkane Studios’ Redfall On LinkedIn

Posted on February 15, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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In a bombastic reveal last June, Microsoft closed its Xbox-Bethesda E3 Showcase with a first look at one very anticipated exclusive for its platform, Redfall. Now with the officially commencement of the acquisition for Bethesda being concluded earlier in the spring, projects underway from the team has consolidated to Xbox’s first-party lineup. We witnessed the same for Starfield when the game was showcased at the same time.

As the game proves to be a big shakeup from Arkane Studios’ previous work with single-player-oriented experiences, this new title incorporates online cooperative team play. And with new ambitions entails assistance from other teams as well. In the past, we even witnessed Arkane’s expertise go into Wolfenstein Youngblood back when that title was still in the development pipeline.

From a report by @bogorad222 on Twitter previously, it discloses Arkane Studios involvement with Redfall. Through a LinkedIn profile for id Software animator Jeff Senita, he lists Redfall as project he is “currently working on” for “additional animation”. Noted, Senita removed the information from his profile since the initial report.

While it is no secret that many AAA, big budget properties do require additional support from other developers, many discount this in being overwhelming for the team to work on its own game. However, both sides of the coin follow the same guideline. We witnessed The Coalition offer is assistance with Halo Infinite in the past ahead of the game’s release.

Additionally, the same can also be said for God of War (2018) and the approaching God of War: Ragnarok. Developer Valkyrie Entertainment revealed to be returning to work on the sequel helmed by Santa Monica Studio. In addition the team was later officially acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Redfall is listed to release for Xbox Series X|S & PC sometime in 2022.

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