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IO Interactive Annual Report Shares Strong Turnout From Hitman 3, Confirms Work On New IP

In the past handful of years, developer IO Interactive continued to work and capitalize on the Hitman IP. In 2021, the game studio with the conclusion of the series shipped Hitman 3. Since the game’s release, IO Interactive named the third entry to be the “biggest digital launch in franchise history.” But, the newest release is to be the last of Agent 47 for some time.

As for new ventures, it is noted that IO Interactive has announced a new IP involving the James Bond film series with Project 007 underway. However, the team previous did note that Hitman is not gone for good. In that, Hitman is likely to return in due time: the game studio is expressing its creativity with new ideas for the time being. Altogether, IO Interactive went on to state more projects are underway alongside the 007 game already in development.

From @MauroNL3 on Twitter, IO Interactive’s annual report shares record performance for the team as Hitman 3 welcomed more than 300 percent the initial sales budget to the team since release this past February. Additionally, the team goes on to confirm that work for more Hitman 3 content is to continue entering into 2022.

IO Interactive goes on to mention it is working on Project 007 alongside an “unannounced new game”. From what could surface later on from the unnamed title does vary on what expectations you hold. Previously, it was reported that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment outsourced IO Interactive Entertainment to work on a new project. Elsewhere more recently, the same was said about Microsoft.

In that, the Xbox company as per Windows Central notes that the alleged project is aimed to deliver a new fantasy setting that emphasizes on dragons and other fantasy-like beings. However, no details on the supposed project has arose since the initial claims made earlier in the year from the outlet.

As for Hitman 3, we suggest you read our full review for the game. “This streamlining and carrying forward of the previous games is fantastic. Hitman 3 is both the best entry point in the series, while also being the climactic and exciting end of a great legacy for long time veteran players,” critic David Rodriguez writes. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you excited for what IO Interactive is to deliver next?

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