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Lost Judgment Reportedly Getting TV Adaptation, Actor Takuya Kimura To Reprise His Role

Posted on January 24, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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While RGG Studio remains to bask in the success of the Yakuza series, Judgment is grasping its own standing as a separate IP. Although similar to the former with it being set in the same universe as Yakuza, Judgment already inherited the combat system to be unique to its formula moving forward as the latter is strengthening the RPG mechanics. Already, it was commented by Lost Judgement game director Kazuki Hosokawa that future games could explore outside Japan later on.

More notable on the state of Lost Judgment is the PC version. Originally, Sega had plans to ship the newest entry to Steam. But in July it was reported that talent agency Johnny’s is blocking the move for the port blaming mods to be the reasoning for the decision. The firm believes the user ability could devalue the face of its clients like Takuya Kimura who is the protagonist for both games.

In a recent report from Nikkan Gendai, there is word on a new TV series based off the 2020 game, Lost Judgment. Although the production has yet to be officially announced, the series is told to be under the Asahi Television label and is currently codenamed ‘Sabakarezaru’ which translates to “The Unjudged.”

Nikkan Gendai also went on to indicate that Kimura is involved in the new series. More notably it is said that the actor is already considering departing from BG Personal Bodyguard with its third season on the way. Additionally, the production is said to tie into a later planned film adaptation for Lost Judgment as well.

Elsewhere previously, it was reported that Yakuza is receiving a film release as well. While the series has went on to be adapted to live theater, the coming motion picture is said to involve Sega, 1212 (Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark), and Wild Sheep Productions (The Rain). You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you expect from a Lost Judgment TV show?

Source: Kotaku

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