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MachineGames Developer Sheds Hope For Next Wolfenstein Game Through LinkedIn Account For “Unannounced Game”

While developer MachineGames is most noted for its work on the Wolfenstein franchise, the team is currently underway with a new project under a separate banner outside of Bethesda. In that, the team earlier in 2021 announced to be conjuring a new experience set within the Indiana Jones franchise under Lucasfilm Games. However, hope for a new entry for the Wolfenstein series still lingers.

Previously, Bethesda senior vice president of global marketing and communications Pete Hines commented that a third game for the series is underway, confirming a trilogy is planned for the rebooted IP. “Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III […] we all have to see how that ends,” Hines shared with Metro Game Corner in a previous interview.

Discovered from a LinkedIn account for MachineGames’ Teemu Kivikangas, the Senior Game Designer reveals a new “unannounced game” is underway at the game studio. While there is no details suggesting other properties are being handled by MachineGames currently aside from Indiana Jones, it is likely work for the next Wolfenstein title is in development.

Noted, the conclusion made is rather heavy speculation and is best to be taken into consideration as such rather than completely fact until properly disclosed. As MachineGames has been humble in terms of its work since the release of Wolfenstein: Youngblood in 2019, there is room for the speculation to be more probable.

As the aforementioned cooperative title is a spin-off of the full series, it is also possible that the team has been working on the third game before the release of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. In an earlier report, developer Arkane Studios assisted development with the 2019 release; perhaps it is since the team already had its hands tied with another project? These events took place well in advanced of the discussion with Lucasfilm Games which should be noted as well.

Do you hope the next game from MachineGames is Wolfenstein III?

Source: LinkedIn

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