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Nintendo Pledges To Further Grow Its Player Base With “New And Classic Games”, Leaving No Room For Software/Hardware Price Jumps

Posted on February 8, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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As of this week, it is no secret the continued success of the Nintendo Switch despite the lacking amount of power the handheld hybrid console offers. From its latest financial report, Nintendo Switch is now recorded at over 122 million sales – officially exceeding the lifetime sales of the PlayStation 4 globally. Nintendo was brought to question not too long ago when 2023 was projected to be the year of its last major releases for the platform, one claim shares.

However, that is up for debate when reflecting on other statements from leadership at the Japanese firm. CEO Shuntaro Furukawa said that plenty is still left to be done as the lifecycle for the system is only at its halfway point back in 2021. More appreciated updates from Nintendo includes the firm not increasing its prices for first-party products despite competition’s actions recently at Sony & Microsoft.

But according to a new update, that is still not the case. As many further speculate that a new console is in the works with Nintendo shelving a mid-generation Nintendo Switch, Furukawa elaborates on Nintendo’s plans for the near future, Video Game Chronicles translates from a recent statement.

“”We believe that we are now entering uncharted territory within our dedicated game console business. Within this environment, it will not be easy to sell hardware at the same pace as before. As a result, we realize that our new challenge will be convincing consumers who are considering new purchases, replacement purchases, or additional purchases to pick up the Nintendo Switch.

He continues, “Regarding hardware, we believe that there will be opportunities for new customers to purchase our products by proposing both new and classic titles.” Whether it is true or not Nintendo is working on a new Nintendo Switch is left to conjecture as the corporate branch denounced the claims. But, current systems and its respected software is said to be left unaffected. You can read the initial report by heading here.

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