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Report: New PlayStation 5 Revision Model Shows To Run Cooler With Smaller Heatsink, Test Shares

Before the initial launch of the next-generation Xbox & PlayStation consoles back in fall 2021, reports began to surface in regards to how the newest systems performed. While many industry voices got their hands on an Xbox Series X in advanced to sample the hardware, it was revealed that the temperature for the system is much cooler than its predecessor alongside PlayStation 4. However, claims soon circulated that the hardware overheats to the point of smoking.

The reports so much so rised to soon discover than many of the claims were soon found to be faked. In that, users would blow water vapor through the back vents of the console and it would rise through the fanning system and out through the top. Doing so actually could do more damage to the hardware, it was also found. The claims happened to overshadow real problems with the hardware such as the disc drive outright reject discs, videos revealed.

However, it was not until after launch that PlayStation 5 proved to also offer similar results in heat generated when operating. But with findings of a new revised PlayStation 5 to soon hit the market, YouTuber Austin Evans managed to receive a model in advanced. In a YouTube video, he concluded that the smaller heatsink draws more heat.

But, YouTube Hardware Busters debunk the initial statement upon discovering that games drawn less heat in the new PlayStation 5 ‘CFI-116A’ revised model. You can watch the video below:

“The heatsink now in the new PlayStation 5, yes, it is indeed much smaller,” Hardware Busters tells in the video. Later on adding, “PlayStation 5 Old – 51.155 centigrade. PlayStation 5 New – 40.08 centigrade. This is about 11 degrees Celsius difference [cooler than the older iteration].” The YouTuber goes on to explain the exhaust for the newer model is much warmer as well which explains that more heat is leaving the machine at a faster rate.

Outside of limitations of hardware to performing efficiently as Sony Interactive Entertainment delivers more reliable models, acquiring said systems is nearly impossible almost a year later. In a recent statement from Toshiba, it is told that the wait is to surely prolong well until 2023 roughly. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised by the results of the new PlayStation 5 revision?

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