Reports For A Kingdom Hearts Movie Surfaces Online

Posted on May 1, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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At Square Enix, some of the firm’s most anticipated releases are global events for excited players. Upon the release for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, many flocked to PlayStation 5 to play the second of a three-part remake for the 1997 classic. Adding on, Square Enix has already confirmed development for the next entry is already actively underway for the remake’s conclusion.

Additionally, Square Enix previously announced the next mainline installment for Kingdom Hearts is also in development. Back in 2022, the announcement trailer reveals protagonist Sora now in the real world as he takes on adversaries in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. A new development reveals that Square Enix is preparing to ship Kingdom Hearts 4 sometime in 2025 next year.

Elsewhere, a new development has surfaced online in regards to Kingdom Hearts. According to TheDisinsider, sources indicate that Kingdom Hearts is being adapted into a full-length film. This also follows a separate claim from notorious industry leaker DanielRPK who indicated the project is in the works. The claim from the publication expresses plans exceeding Disney to debut for streaming on Disney+ to now planning a big screen release now.

What has yet to be solidified is production. While both reports nod to Kingdom Hearts being planned for a film, work has not officially picked up. The DisInsider notes that nothing for Kingdom Hearts has yet to be greenlit over at Disney. So although both corroborate on Kingdom Hearts being adapted, it is still in the very early stages of production.

Looking ahead, there is plenty of source material that the film could follow. Either entertaining the initial releases or simply exploring new Disney properties that released in recent years is on the table. Rectify Gaming has offered a list for seven different worlds that Kingdom Hearts 4 has yet to explore. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: TheDisInsider

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