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Review: Armello Usurper DLC Pack – Xbox One

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Master Materia

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Rectify Gaming looks into the true value of Armello’s Usurper DLC Pack for Xbox One.
Armello’s most recent Usurper DLC pack includes four new playable characters and an extra set of rings to equip and modify your gameplay strategy.
armello-usurpers-dlc_sargonSargon, The Death Teller, is the creepiest looking of the bunch. He may appear to be part of the rodent family, but he utilizes a skillset similar to Amber’s. Sargon is labeled as “The horror who trades in secrets from beyond the veil”. This goes hand in hand with his Veil Gazer perk where the top card of each deck is face up during the card draw. Yes, it’s as helpful as it sounds, and it’s probably the most sinister, fun-filled way to gain the edge in Armello.
armello-usurpers-dlc_elyssiaElyssia, Wardress of Warrens, is “A master builder with a reputation for getting the job done”. Her Architect perk allows for a permanent settlement fortification if the turn lands perfectly on it: she can also ignore any fortified movement penalties. Players who love to control the board as part of their Armello strategy will gravitate to her in spite of her weak Fight and Spirit skills.
armello-usurpers-dlc_magnaMagna, The Unbroken, is the beefiest of the wolves. He is the “Leader of the Wolf Clan’s most zealous warriors”. His Shield Maiden perk makes it possible to burn shield cards in battle and cause the Reflect perk on those moves, and it’s a fantastic edge. This goes double if you catch the Shimmer Shield card and use it on yourself. Couple this with the Evasive perk and Magna is really unstoppable.
armello-usurpers-dlc_ghorGhor, The Wyldkin, is “A simple bear, with a serious affinity for forests”. His Conduit perk allows you to cast magic through any forest tile on the board, and if the magic is cast while on the forest tile, it costs 1 less point.
There are four new rings unlocked through the DLC: Tanzanite (Rat Clan), Rainbow Quartz (Rabbit Clan), Rubellite (Wolf Clan), and Aquamarine (Bear Clan). Tanzanite grants you +1 Gold when you successfully escape a peril. Rainbow Quartz grants you +1 Magic every dawn. Rubellite grants you +3 Fight if you have only 1 health. Aquamarine grants you +1 Moon die with 0 rot.
armello-usurpers-dlc_1My preference is either Magna or Sargon, and I would call them the Usurper DLC’s main attractions. I didn’t care too much for some of the magic strategies, and I wasn’t keen on capturing settlements. It made Elyssia and Ghor afterthoughts to me, but that’s mainly my play style. They serve their respective purposes for their roles. The Usurper DLC playable characters are unique enough to build on the initial Armello premise. It was nice to be able to equip the new rings to the original cast of characters. The Usurper DLC rings are mostly forgettable either way.
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