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Rumor: Microsoft To Bundle Xbox Game Pass & Xbox Live Gold In One Package

Recently a rumor has been floating around of a potential bundle from Microsoft that will feature both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass services as one complete subscription according to many sources throughout the gaming industry.

The currently rumored “Ultimate” subscription originally surfaced through user @h0x0d on Twitter revealing that the bundle will be offered at the set price of $14.99 per month. Even sharing that those who currently participate in the Xbox Insider Program will receive a “special price” of $1 a month until the service officially drops.

Later following with outlets like Thurott to confirm that the subscription is in fact happening after contacting their sources. Which only solidifies this to be legitimate as the same outlet previously detailed the disc-less Xbox One Model back in November and Windows Central later confirmed the then-rumored model ‘Project Maverick’ to currently be in development for a May release.

For users who own both Microsoft-hosted services would be able to take advantage of this and save roughly $5 a month with this new subscription plan. Especially as more and more online-centered titles continue to fill the Game Pass’ library, this will align with that perfectly when the service opens to the public.

As part of an announcement prior to this new information, Microsoft revealed that Xbox Game Pass will be migrating to PC sometime in the future. Assuming that will be later this year, it is possible that the two could coincide with one another: there is no word as of yet if the new subscription will be on its way to PC.

What is your opinion on Microsoft’s initiative to bundle their most successful services into one?

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