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Rumor: New 2D Metroid Game In Development By Metroid: Samus Returns Studio

Posted on May 16, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While the wait following a drought is dreadful to say the least, rumors are the only direction to flock to in a time in search for any relief. Despite many fans showing their ribs in hunger for Metroid Prime 4, there are other games supposedly in the pipeline as well. For one, a 2D successor is presumed to be on the way. In that, @markomaro on Twitter claimed Metroid Fusion is to expect a new game of its caliber fairly soon.

But with COVID-19 plaguing the planet, plans appear not to go as planned. However, notorious leaker @New_WabiSabi went on to corroborate the rumor. In a string of tweets made later on in January, the leaker reiterated on the initial Metroid Fusion claims. But, leaker group LeakyPanda on Twitter appears to further back the claim.

Although not restating the aim to succeed in the footsteps of Metroid Fusion, the poster does tell that a 2D Metroid release is on the way.

Even more, Zippo appears to also corroborate the claim atop of the tweet made on the subject matter. “A new 2D game from Mercurysteam two hundred percent exists, and is in fact, done. All Nintendo needs to do at this point is announce it.” Zippo previously made claims regarding cancelled Sonic Adventure  & Sonic Adventure 2 remakes that never made it to store shelves.

More intriguing by the recent claims is that Metroid Prime Trilogy is still in the playbook for Nintendo. Most recently, former Retro Studios designer Michael Wikan told that the chances for the three-game collection on Nintendo Switch is not likely and that is to blame Metroid Prime 3 for explicitly. But, some fans believe that is not an answer with the coming port for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are you hoping to come next for the Metroid series?

Source: Zippo Speaks

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